Benefit from our bespoke campaigns, configured to meet your specific business objectives
Recent bespoke campaigns include the following

  • Re-launched an independent hotel brand
    Providing maximum exposure and market penetration through branding, advertising and direct booking fulfilment.
    Results include: Revenue Increase: £259K p.a. 
  • Leveraged a hotel's competitive advantage
    Created differentiation from the competition through the use of a mix of technology, configuration and tactitcal marketing activities.
    Results include: Revenue Increase: £182K p.a. 
  • Reduced a hotel's cost of distribution
    Reduced the hotel's reliance upon a few major providers by creating additional strong sales channels upon which they have direct control
    Results include: Reduction in Average Cost of Distribution (including booking commission): 20.8% 
  • The Hotel Maximiser team have over 15 years of industry and technology experience in deploying campaigns using the right tools. Enjoy the peace of mind of having a solution run by those that know what works, why it works and how to deliver campaigns that directly benefit your bottom line. Contact us now to find out how we can help.