18th April 2016


Benefit from our bespoke campaigns, configured to meet your specific business objectives.
HotelMaximiser Campaigns can be run for Hoteliers, Hotel Groups, Technology Providers, and Distributors.

Recent bespoke campaigns for hotels and hotel groups include the following

    • Re-launched an independent hotel group brand.
      Providing maximum exposure and market penetration through branding, advertising and direct booking fulfilment.
      Results include: Revenue increase: Over £259K p.a.
    • Enabled a hotel group to operate independently of franchise restrictions.
      This saved the hotel the franchise fee (typically 3.5% of gross hotel turnover). It also relinquished the hotel of very low value revenue via indirect wholesale agreements thereby boosting the ADR significantly. A new direct digital revenue stream was established thereby mitigating the risk of the lack of franchise branding. This provided significant extra revenue.
      Results include: Cost saving: Over £110K p.a. Revenue Increase: Over £520K p.a.
    • Leveraged a hotel’s competitive advantage.
      Created differentiation from the competition through the use of a mix of technology, configuration and tactical marketing activities.
      Results include: Revenue increase: Over £184K p.a.
    • Enhanced a hotel’s reputation, conversion and loyalty.
      Provided a bespoke reputation management module to acquire, publish and distribute hotel reviews, including on the hotel’s website, TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, etc.
      Results include: Bounce rate decrease of 16%, Conversion increase of 12%; Loyalty and repeat booking increase of 8%
    • Reduced a hotel’s cost of distribution.
      Reduced the hotel’s reliance upon a few major providers by creating additional strong sales channels upon which they have direct control.
      Results include: Reduction in Average Cost of Distribution (including booking commission): 20.8%
    • Upgraded a hotel group’s customer interface.
      A simple upgrade from the hotel’s existing modern hotel website and industry standard booking engine to the HotelMaximiser Hotel Website and Booking Engine Package reduced bounce rates by 16% and increased conversion by 24% resulting in a 34% increase in direct booking revenue.
      Similar increases have been achieved from upgrading from all major hotel booking engine providers. The key difference driving revenue gains from the HotelMaximiser package is that the new interface is fully integrated, the customer books within your hotel website, not a third party booking service, and this is combined with extensive reach and re-marketing and browse abandon to retain the customer through the booking journey before they consider booking a different hotel.
      Results include: Revenue increase of 34%, ie £61K p.a. per hotel.

Campaigns for technology service providers, distributors and content providers include:

    • Leveraging competitive strength. The Hotel Maximiser Growth Plan includes identifying the core competitive proposition and leveraging this through appropriate technologies, marketing strategies and enhancements to existing services. This includes a combination of customer journey optimisation and lead acquisition techniques.
      Results include: Improving the ROAS by 280%, enabling a significant reduction in the customer acquisition cost.

The Hotel Maximiser team have over 15 years of industry and technology experience in deploying campaigns by a highly experienced team using bespoke tools. Up to 50 staff can be involved in any one campaign, using bespoke software, booking platforms and integrations developed at a cost of over £1.8m. The service continues to benefit a growing number of corporate clients such as universities and hotel groups, in addition to individual hoteliers and independent accommodation providers.

We are so confident that our service will deliver the results you are looking for, it can be offered on free to use, performance only basis. Enjoy the peace of mind of having a solution run by those that know what works, why it works and how to deliver campaigns that directly benefit your bottom line.

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