9th December 2019


Your HotelMaximiser All-In-One Solution powers every part of the customer journey:

Drive Visibility / Customer Acquisition Module

  • Reach customers to drive extra bookings. Directly push your inventory to customer research and booking websites, including text search and meta search channels such as Google Hotel Finder, Trivago, TripAdvisor, HotelsCombined, etc
  • Specifically target the customers and bookings you would like to receive, including by customer country, length of stay, arrival period, etc
  • This can be enabled or disabled tactically, e.g. during your off peak season only, etc

Inventory Distribution / Channel Manager

  • Extremely quick and easy to use channel manager.
  • Fully setup for you and managed in terms of mapping, adding extra channels, etc.
  • A large range of directly integrated channel managers to choose from, if this is preferred.

Customer Capture / Hotel website

  • Engage the customers you acquire until they book with a fully optimised website that includes high quality copy, strong imagery, special offers, and fast and functional response to every interaction.
  • Fully integrated, enterprise level booking engine designed for quick research, easy sharing and instant booking.
  • Bespoke website is fully white label and hosted with your own logo and domain. Example here.
  • The Service fully integrates with other third party hotel website service providers too, if this is preferred.

Customer Conversion / Booking Engine

  • A fast and easy to use booking engine, uniquely designed with only 3 clicks to book!
  • Extensive cart abandon technology keeps the customers engaged and encourages re-visits until they book.
  • Uniquely, it is hosted on your own website and domain for a frictionless booking journey and higher level of trust. Example here
  • Loyalty module through messaging via the booking engine and the reputation module of the website.

Customer Retention Module

  • Marketing asset acquisition, including reviews is enabled across key customer journeys.
  • Customer referral module drives loyalty
  • Personalisation module enables a personalised offering to new and previous customers
  • Dynamic Customer Relationship Management module runs in real-time
  • Extensive browse and cart abandon campaigns capture new and repeat bookings.

Optimal Operations / Property Management System

  • Very quick and easy to use Web-based PMS complete with: Check In, Calendar view rooming list with drag and drop room allocation, Cleaning rota, Inventory reports, management reports and performance reports plus direct integration into channel distribution (or distribution can be managed separately via your channel manager)
  • The Service fully integrates with a large range of other third party PMS providers too, if this is preferred.

All of the above services can be refined and enhanced to meet your specific business objectives and processes. The goal is to provide a seamless high volume revenue stream which continues to grow at your preferred pace.